September 17, 2017

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Docker in Arch Linux

Docker in Arch Linux

Docker has been a necessary tool for me when it comes to development. I’ve used to use Vagrant but have then switched to Docker.

This was my first time installing Docker in Arch Linux.


Installation for docker packages was pretty easy. All I had to do was:

$ pacman -Sy docker docker-compose docker-machine

I then needed to install the driver for docker-machine which would commonly be Virtualbox. I’ve installed Virtualbox with the following:

$ pacman -Sy virtualbox linux-headers virtualbox-host-dkms

Virtualbox Configuration

Before any Virtualbox configuration, in my BIOS, I needed to first enable “SVM mode”. I am using GA-AB350-Gaming 3 and this setting is located under Advanced Frequency Settings > Advanced CPU Core Settings > SVM Mode.

GA-AB350-Gaming 3

I’ve then enabled modules needed to get docker-machine working:

$ modprobe -a vboxdrv vboxnetflt vboxnetadp

I can then finally get a new virtual machine with docker-machine:

$ docker-machine create default

I’ve also encountered an issue with the mounted files from host to the guest machine. Not yet sure what was the issue was. I recreated the machine which then seemed to have the mounted volume in place.